Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a discount if you register early?
Yes. If you pre-register for the event, the cost of the ride is $30 for adults, $5 for children 5 and under.
June 1 or after, the cost is $35 for adults.

Is this a family oriented ride?
Definitely! We have six different routes ranging from 22 to 124 miles. This is a ride for everyone. Families with younger children can ride at a leisurely pace on the 22-mile route, while more experienced riders can go at their own pace on the 47, 62, 80, 100, and 124-mile routes. Just remember that SAG stops at 3:00 p.m.!

What kind of Route System do you use?
This is important: we are on a Loop System- add the loops to get the mileage you're looking to ride, but note that some loops are spurs off previous loops. Please see our Routes page for more info.
(For example, Island Park Green Loop is a spur from the Sugar Island Red Loop. You may temporarily leave a loop to later return to it.)

How are the roads marked?
We use a distinct ride design, color-coded for the loops of the ride you've chosen.

How difficult are the Two Rivers Century routes?
All six routes are on mostly flat countryside, well within the abilities of most cyclists — even beginners. Headwinds can be a factor in farm country areas where there are few trees to block the wind, but many of the miles are along the rivers, where trees are likely to grow.

Is it safe to ride on the roads?
Yes. For the most part, the route takes lightly traveled country roads, and most motorists you encounter are courteous. If you follow Illinois bicycling laws, which require you to ride single-file when there is traffic and which require you to ride no more than two abreast at other times, then you should have few problems with motorists.

Where can I spend the night if I’m coming in from out of town?
You have many options...

Hilton Garden Inn. Only a 2 mile bike ride from the event start, Hilton Garden is optimally located nearby!
Call (815) 932-4444 to reserve a room.

Tent and RV Camping. Only a 1/2 mile from the registration table!
Set up camp Saturday night, ride to registration in the morning!
RV & tent spots are limited, and will be first come first serve. Payment will be required on camp site.

For more lodging options in the area, visit:

How did you guys come up with the idea for the ride?
Ride founder Mark Steffen brainstormed the idea while riding roads with other cyclists in the Kankakee area. When he discovered mutual interest among many of the other cyclists- and their willingness to help make it a reality- he began researching the feasibility of hosting a ride in the Kankakee area.

Will the ride go on in the rain?
Unfortunately, yes. It would be very difficult to get the word out about a change of plans, and it would be difficult to find an alternative date. Like most other invitational rides, "The ride must go on!"

What if I can’t finish the ride?
You should be able to finish because we provide adequate food and water at rest stops and because SAG crews will help fix mechanical problems you have on the road. If you just can’t make it, then SAG crews will be able to get you and your bike back to Splash Valley. Please keep in mind that SAG ends at 3:00 p.m.

Whom does the ride benefit?
Fee proceeds will benefit the Greenways & Trails Fund of the Community Foundation of Kankakee River Valley, working with multiple governments to develop the Riverfront Trailways. The Mission Statement of the Foundation is: "Greenways and recreational trails should provide the people of Kankakee County with opportunities to enjoy physical and social activities; should provide opportunities to experience the natural, cultural, and scenic amenities of the greenway and/or trail corridor; and should reflect landscapes typical of the County’s different regions."


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